The Great F1 Circuits ... 2012 versions at least

I'm in the process of creating some SCALEXTRIC versions of the current (2012) F1 circuits; I've not done them all yet, and some have been designed using the SCALEXTRIC Track Designer, whilst others Ultimate Racer 3.0 (my tool of preference).

As I complete more, I'll add them here, and then somewhere within my blogs, I'll talk a little about the events we have; who attended, who won, who lost, fastest laps, etc.

The first race of the season:

Albert Park. Melbourne, Australia
Our interpretation of the Albert Park circuit requires floor space of at least 30' x 16' (thirty feet by sixteen feet). It incorporates multiple lanes to enable overtaking, and a pit lane to enable the pit lane game. Within the multiple laned section there are a number of opportunities for the racer to change lanes; this means that it is not necessary for the racer to already be in the outside lane when entering the section. Because of my penchant for the spiral like circuit, you will notice that in order to not be in the inside lane when coming out of the multi laned section, the racer must make a conscious effort to move into the outside lane.

The second race of the season:

Sepang International Circuit. Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
I might have to change this circuit some time soon. I'm not particularly proud of the design. I've tried to incorporate as many features as possible, but we don't really have enough track pieces to really do this circuit justice. It's already 16' x 20' (sixteen feet by twenty feet), but I would have liked to have made it bigger and made a few of those straights multiple lanes ... we'll see what the future holds on that front. It is actually quite a tricky circuit to replicate using SCALEXTRIC track pieces. 

The third race of 2012:

Shanghai International Circuit. Shanghai, China
The Shanghai International Circuit requires floor space of at least 29' x 13' (twenty nine feet by thirteen feet). There should be no surpirses to learn that it also incorporates the spiral like design of which I am so fond. Because there is not too much opportunity in this circuit for a multi laned section (beyond that used to enable the spiral effect), I thought that it would be advantageous instead to include a single lane section; this is of course intended to promote skillful racing -as opposed to an all out full-throttle approach.

The fourth race of 2012:

Gulf air Bahrain Circuity. Bahrain
20' x 14' (twenty feet by fourteen feet), that's how much floor space we need to construct this bad boy. We've got over-taking lanes, a pit lane, a single lane section and forced lane change sections (my beloved spiral effect). This truely is what digital SCALEXTRIC is all about.

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