Friday, 20 April 2012

Great Suppliers (in the UK) for my Scalextric Stash

Looking for somewhere to buy your slot-car equipment? So was I, and these are the places that I use most frequently.

Modelzone ...

They have usually got something going for a song, and the staff are incredibly helpful, though generally as far as pricing goes they would have to be considered on the expensive side where most products are sold at or very close to RRP.

Cheaper than Modelzone, and they are also very helpful. It's not only Scalextric slot-car equipment that they stock and sell; I have purchased a couple of Avant slot cars from these guys

... unfortunately however, I cannot use these slot-cars with my digital track without modification (and I don't want to go drilling holes in the chasis, etc.); when I informed the guys/gals that I had made this purchase in error, they were more than happy for me to return the items. I did not return them however because I really like the cars, and I actually feel that they are a bit better than their Scalextric cousins (in terms of replica detail and quality)

This is where I purchase most of my equipment. List prices are not that much cheaper than elsewhere, but every time I make a purchase I receive a discount code which gives me 10% off of my next order, which usually makes it all cheaper than anywhere else. This is not always the case (i.e. they are not always the cheapest), and therefore I make purchases from alternate suppliers.

I'm constantly on the lookout for retailers who can supply at the lowest prices, since I've not yet stopped buying stuff. Look at all of these other wonderful replica which I have recently acquired:

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