Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pictures from the past ... aka Day One

One could be forgiven for expecting this post to be concerned with truely historic events; one must always remeber however that the past began the second that the present slipped away ...

 ... and speaking of presents, that is what this puppy was; albeit to me from myself, but rest assured that I was very grateful for it. 

This is in fact the very vehicle which piquéd my interest in creating the Le Mans circuit ... and collecting as many endurance vehicles as I can. I cannot describe my fascination (if even it is a fascination) with these fantastic replica, but believe me when I say that it is there.

Anyhow, I digress ...

I can't really tell where this story begins so I've arbitrarily chosen a point in time, but I guess it's entirely possible that I will jump back beyond that at some stage, be prepared and don't really expect too much in the way of lineality (if there is such a word). So, without much more in the way of pomp, let us begin with a brief introduction:

Sausage and beans for lunch

This is Shey; He's my son, and as you can see from these delightful pictures; he enjoys a bit of sausage and beans, he's quite young  (three and a half to be precise), and he's pretty cool (leaving my personal bias aside). He is kind of the reason that it all began. 
Shooting monsters (aka playing HALO CE Anniversary edition)

Those of you who know me know that my real passion is skiing; and this year I only managed to get in a measly three weeks.

I was due to spend my birthday week in the French Alps, but because I'm such a nice husband I took my wife to New York for four days to celebrate her birthday (we live in Hampshire, in the UK for those who don't know and who might think that it was just a trip under the Hudson). This had the unfortunate effect of depleting my funds, and the net result ... I could ill afford to take my family away for a week of spring skiing. :o(

Upon our return home from The States, we took Shey out shopping in our local(ish) shopping centre. As it turned out, Model Zone had a bit of a sale on, and specifically they had some good deals on their SCALEXTRIC sets, upon the seeing of which, I immediately thought "I can get one of these, and we'll spend more than a week playing with it; and hey look it's about 10% of the cost of one person skiing for a week!".

This is what I bought:

It was purchased initially for me (because I'm a little bit selfish), but by the time we had reached home it had become "ours" -that's mine and my boy's!

Nancy (who is my wife -which is a statement, not a question!), was not immediately sold on the idea, and I think that I too was a bit concerned that I'd just spent £74.00 on a toy, but anyhow Shey was pleading with me "can we race my cars now daddy?"

So, we put the track together and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening racing. It was brilliant. I have no other way of describing the event. My three year old boy got it immediately! It was better than I could have imagined, he could actually race -so much so that he was better at it than his mum (that would be Nancy; again, who is my wife -which is still a statement, and not yet a question).

That then was day one ...

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