Saturday, 19 May 2012

Yesterday's 24' x 11' circuit wasn't quite good enough.

I spent a bit of time this morning looking at the 24' x 11' circuit I'd designed yesterday and it seemed that there was room for improvement.

I looked at the number of track pieces which we had left after constructing said circuit and decided that without too much alteration, we could make a slightly better design.

Firstly, I wasn't particularly enamoured by the pit lane; I felt that it ran just a little too close to the main track; and secondly, I felt that the multi-lane section was a fraction too short.

And this is my re-working of that design. It has come out slightly wider (or longer depending upon how you look at things) than the original design -weighing in at 24' x 12' (twenty four feet by twelve feet), but hey when you're going big, what difference does an extra foot make?

This circuit makes use of all of our regular straights, all of our straight lane cross-over pieces, and all of our pit lane entry and exit pieces. We'll still have quite a number of track pieces left over after constructing this monster, but I'm not really sure a) if we could shoe-horn them in, or b) if it would be a good idea to even try.

I'm also not sure which cars would be best suited to race on this circuit; Because that big double-back is nice and wide I feel that the F1 cars would be very much at home (i.e. they won't come flying off), however there are three 90 degree corners, and I fear that unless the power is limited (and most likely even if it is) these will prove fateful for most racers.

Sadly, whilst I have not found somewhere to set it up, it will all be conjecture until the day arrives.

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