Friday, 18 May 2012

Because I've not posted for a number of days ...

... in the absence of my witty remarks, I decided that I should put something up for you all to admire: And so here they are; a couple of designs that we made this evening.

They're not quite F1 circuits, but they do contain enough variation to test the skill of any and all drivers.
We particularly like this first design because it offers the opportunity of incorporating the pit lane game.

Unfortunately the software I've taken to using to model the tracks (Ultimate Racer v3.0) does not have a "tile" to represent the pit stop itself, but hey ho, not to worry, imagination is all that it takes; bearing in mind, of course, that it can only be in the pit lane, and there is only one of those on the circuit.

I've not designed many tracks like this one (above), where the width ranges from six lanes down to a single lane; it will indeed be a challenge, where skill will certainly out-weigh speed -though speed is important, it will not necessarily be the deciding factor.

As you can see, both circuits require a rather large area, and both circuits are designed with racing six cars at once in mind. The first example requires floor space of 24' x 11' (twenty four feet by eleven feet), and the second design 16' x 19' (sixteen feet by nineteen feet) ... plus enough room for racers, spectators and adjudicators to stand!

Currently, I am ONLY designing circuits which we have enough track to physically build, and our only downfall at this point is the lack of floor space to actually construct them: As Nancy keeps saying `We need a bigger house`. Though, I'm not entirely sure that not having the space to put together a slot car design is a valid justification for such a purchase.

Because the Formula One racing is currently under way, and following on from my designing of the Le Mans 24 hour circuit, I've also put together a couple of designs for this year's F1 circuits; Here's a little taster for your delight too. 

UBS Chinese Grand Prix (Shanghai), 2012

I plan on putting together a little competition based around these F1 circuits, but I need to first find somewhere where we can hold maybe a weekly event; somewhere with enough floor space for the extremely large track layouts, and the sober racing contingent, whatever size that turns out to be.

Anyone fancying joining in the racing fun should register their interest by leaving a comment here on my blog ... I'm actually quite disappointed that no one has yet left any messages at all, it kind of gives me the impression that nobody is interested in our antics.

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