Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Let there be light -or is that back to day one?

Me: So, how far did we get?
You: We got as far as your birthday; and that was well over a month ago!
Me: Ah, okay ...

In my last post I introduced you to a penchant of mine (with regards to the SCALEXTRIC racing of course), namely multiple-to-single lane circuits.

I believe that I also made mention of another SCALEXTRIC related fondness (though it is entirely possible that I made this mention prior to my last ppost). Le Mans Prototype endurance vehicles.
As an aside, have you all seen the latest offering from Audi? It's the 2012 LMP1 called the R18 e-Tron Hybrid; and I want to have a go! It did rather well in Florida earlier in the year.

However, as far as the slot-car versions go, in my mind these replica are just fantastic. My boy and I have got Scalextric and Avant versions of these guys, and we love them; we especially love the working lights (small things, and all that).

So what do we plan on doing about this "obsession"? Well, not a lot really, other than this.

How cool does that look? And yes, you've guessed it, that is our version of the Le Mans 24 Hour circuit. I'm not sure we can keep it up for 24 hours, but maybe if we also scale down the length of the race (using the same ratio as the cars); let me think ... @ 1:32 24 hours would be hmmm that's approximately 45 minutes.

I wonder, 45 minutes with six cars racing, how cool would that race be?

The only problem is that our sitting room is not big enough to house such a track, so this past weekend we settled for this puppy instead.

... and for anyone who would like to see the plans for said track.

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